Elementary Programs

A Seed’s Journey (K-2)

Students look at different parts of the plant, especially the leaves under magnification (stereoscopes & magnifying glasses at Ligon - activity to be completed at Ligon).


Shadow and Light (K-2)

Students observe plants in different parts of Ligon. Use a thermometer to measure temperature. Claim Evidence Reasoning about what they observe.


Can Trees Breathe? (2-5) 

Students gather different types of leaves and see which type absorbs more water. This builds on the Parts of a Plant activity that examines the different parts of the plant under magnification. This activity will be completed back at their school.


Are you Predator or Prey? (Owl Pellets) (Elem)

Students learn of the unique features that make the owl an efficient predator and culminate by investigating an owl pellet. Charts/posters are available to identify the bones of the animals represented in the food chain.


Finding Locations in the Forest (Elem) 

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunt where students use a GPS to navigate and find the "treasure". Students will learn the basics of geocaching and the use of GPS units.


Finding My Way in the Forest (Elem)

North, South, East, West...students will learn to use a traditional compass to find their way through the Orienteering Course.


Snowshoeing (Elem, MS HS)

Students will learn about the history of snowshoes and have a chance to try it out for themselves!


Sorting and Classifying Nature (Elem)

Students will work in groups to find similar pieces of nature - leaves, rocks, pine cones, etc. Then group/categorize to learn about classification, attributes and characteristics.


Survival Skills (Elem, MS, HS)  

Students will learn about an organism's basic needs for survival through hands-on experiences in the forest of Ligon. Students will learn to find food (fishing, animal tracking), shelter, and water using only supplies offered by nature.

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