High School Programs

Create a Map of Nature (MS & HS)

Inquiry based-students are provided with the tools and have to make a topographic map. The map has to be to the equivalent scale as neighboring groups.


Fun with Fungi (MS, HS)

Learn about and identify some of the oldest living organisms on Earth.  This activity, not only, provides students the opportunity to learn about members of Kingdom Fungi but also to identify safe and unsafe mushrooms in their environment.


Reach to the Top of the Tree (MS, HS)

Using ratios or trigonometry. Inquiry based so students are given the tools and have to figure out how to measure the height of the tree.


Snowshoeing (Elem, MS HS)

Students will learn about the history of snowshoes and have a chance to try it out for themselves!


Survival Skills (Elem, MS, HS)

Students will learn about an organism's basic needs for survival through hands-on experiences in the forest of Ligon. Students will learn to find food (fishing, animal tracking), shelter, and water using only supplies offered by nature.


What’s Crawling Under Your Feet? (MS, HS)

Soil microbial activity using Bromothymol Blue (BTB). Students gather data and complete it at their school.


What Else is Crawling Under Your Feet? (HS)

Meant for an upper level biology or chemistry class using Titration method. Students gather data and complete it at their school.


What is a Watershed? (MS, HS)

Students will learn about watersheds and how various events affect the environment and water supply. Students will dip into the pond and identify aquatic invertebrates found. They will discuss what these creatures can tell us about water quality and pollution level.

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