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Ligon Outdoor Education Center is unique in its mission for today and its vision for the future. As an environmental learning center, it is dedicated to the effective management of its various habitats and the preservation of its historical features. Ligon is sensitive to wheelchair user needs and is committed to extending access to the largest possible user population for recreational and educational purposes. The commitment of conscientious and knowledgeable staff, volunteers, and administrators are keeping the goals of Ligon growing into the future.

History of Ligon Outdoor Center

Genesee County Educational Foundation

The Genesee County Educational Foundation (GCEF) is an organization established to serve as a catalyst in accessing public and private financial resources to support outdoor environmental education.

Features of Ligon Outdoor CenterFacilitator Notice

Along with the challenge course are various initiatives, or problem solving activities that can be used as prerequisites or warm ups. Also, using our predefined trust activities will enhance your challenge course experience.

Many students and teachers of other organizations, using the challenge course, report improved cooperation and communication skills.

We recommend ages 11-adult for this program. Use of all other Ligon facilities is open to all ages.

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