FAQs - Donations

Why should I give to the LOC?

Without you, the LOC could not provide important therapeutic activities to people with disabilities, serious illness, and at-risk youth. For ???? years, the LOC has offered outdoor experiences for people who are many times excluded from empowering activities and has trained the instructors who work with special populations. Through custom designed curricula, adapted equipment and facilities, specially trained staff, interns, volunteers and financial assistance, LOC ensures that the power of nature and outdoor activities are accessible to people of all abilities.

LOC has opened the doors of adventure to people of all abilities and has blazed a trail for traditional programs to incorporate people with differing abilities.

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What does 501(c)(3) mean?

In practical terms, it means that donors can enjoy the greatest possible tax advantages, in recognition of the agency's public charitable purpose.

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Is a gift to the LOC tax deductible?

Yes, to the extent allowed by law.

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In what ways can donations be made to LOC?

The list is extensive, but they can include:
*charitable bequests
*life insurance
*other assets such as stock, closely-held stock, real estate (including land), property, art, or any combination of these.

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I am interested in making a donation to LOC. What are the possibilities?

LOC has many ways to contribute. Donations can be made to the Genesee County Educational Foundation, which provides scholarships and operating funds. Contributions can also be unrestricted, or designated for capital and equipment needs. A gift can also be made in memory or in honor of someone special. In this case an acknowledgment will be sent to the donor and a special card will be sent to the honoree or their family in recognition of the gift.

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Can I make a donation to LOC on-line?

Currently, it is not possible to make a donation to the LOC on-line. We hope to have this capacity in the near future. You can send your donation to LOC, c/o Genesee Intermediate School District, 2413 West Maple Avenue, Flint, Michigan, 48507-3493.

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How can I get my gift matched?

Your gift can be doubled or even tripled if you or your spouse work for a company with a matching gift program. All you need to do is obtain a matching gift form from your human resources department, fill it out, and mail it along with you contribution to LOC, c/o Genesee Intermediate School District, 2413 West Maple Avenue, Flint, Michigan, 48507-3493.

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Do you accept in-kind donations?

Yes. Products or services, which have the effect of reducing our operating costs, are greatly appreciated.

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